Tools and Resources

Tools to keep your company compliant with US export regulations…and hopefully make life a little easier!
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Searchable Commerce Control List (CCL)

Full Commerce Control List (CCL) compiled into an easily searchable pdf document.

Searchable ITAR

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), amendments and regulation changes compiled into an easily searchable pdf document.

Searchable EAR

The entire EAR, including index, compiled into an easily searchable pdf document.


Export Control News & Alerts

Export regulation news, analysis and commentary at your finger tips.

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Useful Websites

Government sites to keep you up to date on current regulations. Including denied parties lists and encryption control websites.

HTS codes

A Layman’s Guide to HS & HTS Codes

What You Need to Know about Harmonized System Code.

Quick Reference Flip Chart

This clear and easy-to-use reference guide includes essential steps and information needed to pursue compliance with U.S. export regulations administered by the U.S. Departments of State (ITAR), Commerce (EAR) and Treasury (OFAC).

U.S. Export Controls Awareness Training

On-demand e-learning for employees throughout your organization, helping them to recognize potential red flags or compliance issues, before problems arise.

Reexports Key Analysis Guide

This comprehensive, clear and easy-to-use guide includes step-by-step instructions needed to determine relevant U.S. export controls as part of a comprehensive compliance program.

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